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DAY THIRTEEN has arrived with a blanket of rain in NOLA. Wishing you sunny skies!! Here is the  best of today’s prompts, poems and news from #NaPoWriMo/#NPM15 /#NationalPoetryMonth>

Best of the Prompts

Imaginary Garden w/ Real Toads’ “Joan Didion springboard prompt”
Mslexia “Stripped Poems (minus descriptors)”
Poetic Asides P-A-D “Confession Poems”
30dpc “Meta Poems”
NaPoWriMo’s “Riddle Poems w/ Plath”
The Language Inside’s “Turning Points (in present tense) prompt”
REWIND The Daily Post’s “Ode to Things in Drawers w/ Apostrophes prompt”
Apparatus Magazine’s “Exploring Deepest Fears prompt”
Miss Rumphius Effect’s Jumping Into Form: The Ekphrastic Poem
ARTSPEAK #13 picture prompt: A Monday Washing, NYC (artist unknown)
Wild Violet’s “K is for Kantan Chamorrita (form from Mariana Islands similar to battle rap)”

Poems I Have Loved (Tweeters’ Shares)

Kim Addonizio| “What Do Women Want?”
Jane Kenyon| “Let Evening Come”
Theodore Roethke| “Orchids”
Terannce Hayes| “The Deer”
Kathleen McGookey| “Monkey Island”
Louise Gluck| “The Evening Star”
Osma Alomar| 2Poems/Fables


On Building a Word-Hoard at Ploughshares
Tessa Gratton on Gloria Anzaldua at Poetically Speaking
Featured Poet: Katie Manning at Negative Capability Press
Poetry and Pho: Hoa Nguyen Shares Lyricism and a Recipe at ArtCritical
10 Books of Scottish Nature Poetry (including Kathleen Jamie’s newest)
Journals that Pay for Poems at PoetryHasValue
Latino Poets Video Project at Codex Journal
Poetic Wandering: Walking Tour Highlights Literary Harvard
The Poetic Species: Sociobiologist E.O. Wilson in Conversation w/ Robert Hass on Science& Poetry