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November was a tumultuous month. Thanksgiving and the weeks before and after were spent going back and forth to the veterinary hospital, while my dog recovered from various ear problems that resulted in surgery.  My family was disappointed in missing my gumbo and deep dish apple pie, but I was just too tired to cook. On the actual holiday, I found myself driving with sick doggo to the next town for additional pills and stronger antibiotic cream.  All I wanted was sleep!

Needless to say, my TBR for #NonFictionNovember mostly sat untouched up until this week. It’s only two weeks into December, so that still counts for November reads, right?  Y’all better be nodding your heads.

Anyway, the four books that I picked up were great.  I was highly entertained by the antics of naturalist Sy Montgomery‘s Christopher Hogwood, the Good, Good Pig that started out little and turned into a big pain in the rear.  Well, he was more like the Liz Minelli or pigs–high maintenance in all the right ways. If you are following the four-word challenge, this one falls under ‘voice’.

I was late to the party on Lara Prior-Palmer‘s Rough Magic.  I wasn’t convinced someone so young had anything interesting to say.  A few pages in, I realized that I had grossly underestimated the writer.  Thank you to abookOlive for the recommendation. Category: ‘sport’.

For ‘design’, I chose Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World.  This is an inside look into the machinations of the jewelry world, that left me pretty sour on diamonds, more appreciative of pearls and lustful of emeralds.

And last, but not least is The Good Neighbor.  Reading this book felt like reuniting with a long lost friend.  I absolutely adored Mr. Rogers.  Still adore Mr. Rogers.  He was a unique and greatly missed human.  I did not realize how much the creator of Blues Clues was influenced by him, but appreciate that programming all the more. This one falls under the ‘true’ category.