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gremlins2_2I’m one of those crazy poetry freaks who goes gremlin without an occasional fix.  I find a few of the more mainstream books locally, but for the really good stuff you have to scout out the small presses.  Here’s my go-to list:

Airlie Press US/OR http://airliepress.org/
Bear Star Press US/CA http://www.bearstarpress.com/
Black Lawrence US/NY http://www.blacklawrence.com/
Carolina Wren Press US/NC http://carolinawrenpress.org/
Centennial Press US/WI http://www.centennialpress.com/curiosityshop.html
Coffee House US/MN http://coffeehousepress.org/
Copper Canyon US/WA https://www.coppercanyonpress.org/index.asp
Cypher Books US/NY http://www.cypherbooks.org/index.html
Dancing Girl US/IL http://www.dancinggirlpress.com/
Gold Line Press US/SC http://dornsife.usc.edu/goldlinepress
Graywolf Press US/MN https://www.graywolfpress.org/
Hanging Loose US/NY http://hangingloosepress.com/
Lost Horse Press US/ID http://www.losthorsepress.org/
Mayapple Press US/NY http://mayapplepress.com/
MoonPath Press US/WA http://moonpathpress.com/
Mouthfeel Press US/TX http://www.mouthfeelpress.com/
Parallel Press US/WI http://parallelpress.library.wisc.edu/poetry/
Persea Books US/NY http://www.perseabooks.com
Red Hen US/CA http://redhen.org/
Saturnalia Books US/PA http://saturnaliabooks.com/
Steel Toe Books US/KY http://steeltoebooks.com/
Tupelo Press US/MA http://www.tupelopress.org/
Unicorn Press US/NC http://www.unicorn-press.org
Wave Books US/WA http://wavepoetry.com/
WordTech US/OH http://www.wordtechweb.com
Cinnamon Press UK/Wales http://www.cinnamonpress.com/about/
Happenstance UK/Scot http://www.happenstancepress.org/
Arrowhead Press UK/Eng http://www.arrowheadpress.co.uk/index.html
Doire Press Ireland http://www.doirepress.com/HOME.html
The Emma Press UK/Eng http://theemmapress.com/
Lapwing Poetry Ireland http://www.freewebs.com/lapwingpoetry/
Nine Arches Press UK/Eng http://www.ninearchespress.com/
Pindrop Press UK/Eng http://www.pindroppress.com/
AngelHouse Press CAN http://www.angelhousepress.com/index.php?Chapbooks
Poetry Slazburg Austria http://www.poetrysalzburg.com/
ThePressPress Australia http://www.presspress.com.au/Chapbooks.html
Vagabond Press Australia http://vagabondpress.net/collections/poetry

We’ll talk later about some of the goodies I’ve found from these guys. For now, I’d love it if you would share some of your favorite presses. I know you WOM-PO ladies probably have a few that I have missed. Burn up the comments!

***See SMALL POETRY PRESSES PART II for more great recommendations.