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images9Thanks to everyone who chimed in.  Here are your favorites:

Chax Press US/AZ http://chax.org
Kore Press US/AZ http://www.korepress.org/
Apogee Press US/CA http://apogeepress.com/
Blue Light Press US/CA http://bluelightpress.com/
Cider Press Review US/CA http://ciderpressreview.com/bookstore/
Counterpoint Press US/CA http://counterpointpress.com/
Kelsey Street Press US/CA http://www.kelseyst.com/
Les Figues US/CA http://www.lesfigues.com/
Omnidawn US/CA http://www.omnidawn.com/
Spuyten Duyvil Press US/CA http://www.spuytenduyvil.net/
Wild Ocean Press US/CA http://wildoceanpress.com
Ahsahta Press US/ID http://ahsahtapress.org/
Wind Publications US/KY http://windpub.com/
Black Radish Books US/LA http://blackradishbooks.org/
Lavender Ink/Dialogos US/LA http://www.lavenderink.org/content/
Cervena Barva Press US/MA http://www.cervenabarvapress.com/
Gold Wake US/MA http://goldwakepress.com/
Hedgerow Books US/MA http://www.levellerspress.com/hedgerowbooks.htm
Shape and Nature US/MA http://www.shapeandnature.com/About.htm
Hobblebush US/NH http://webpages.charter.net/hobblebush/
CavanKerry US/NJ http://www.cavankerrypress.org
Maverick Duck US/NJ http://www.maverickduckpress.com/
Belladonna US/NY http://www.belladonnaseries.org/index.html
BlazeVOX US/NY http://www.blazevox.org/
Fence Books US/NY http://www.fenceportal.org/
Futurepoem US/NY http://www.futurepoem.com/about.html
Nightboat Books US/NY http://www.nightboat.org/
Sheep Meadow Press US/NY http://sheepmeadowpress.com/
Ugly Duckling US/NY http://www.uglyducklingpresse.org/
Blood Pudding US/OH http://bloodyooze.blogspot.com/
Calyx Books US/OR http://www.calyxpress.org
Hyacinth Girl Press US/PA http://www.hyacinthgirlpress.com
Seven Kitchens Press US/PA http://sevenkitchenspress.com/
Sundress Publications US/TN http://www.sundresspublications.com
Wings Press US/TX http://wingspress.com/wingspress.cfm
Headmistress Press US/WA http://headmistresspress.blogspot.com/
Salmon Poetry Ireland http://www.salmonpoetry.com/index.php
Knives Forks and Spoons Press UK/Eng http://www.knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk

Late Additions:

Shearsman Books UK/Eng http://www.shearsman.com/
White Violet Press US/CA http://kelsaybooks.com/guidelines/guidelines-for-white-violet-press
Accents Publishing US/KY http://www.accents-publishing.com/contact.html
Wilderness House Press US/MA http://www.wildernesshousepress.com/
Autumn House Press US/PA  http://www.autumnhouse.org/contact-us/