BoneSpark is the brain-child of artist, educator and writer, C.A. LaRue.  Weekly posts will focus on the honing of craft and will highlight books of interest to those with discerning tastes. Check back often for writing prompts and new content!

More about me? I studied creative writing at Hollins University and hold a B.S. from the University of New Orleans. I am a registered member of the Tlingit Nation of Alaska (Raven Yéil moiety, Seagull T’akdeintaan clan), a WOM-PO poet and a reviewer for The Review Review, Sabotage Reviews, SunDogLit and other venues. My poetry chapbook Men& Beasts was published by
Dancing Girl Press in early 2017. Other recent work (prose, poetry and art) has appeared in The McNeese Review, Foliate Oak, Ardor Lit Mag, Deep South Magazine and Belle Journal.  I have several projects on the go (besides the blog), including a full collection of poems and a novel trilogy in progress.  I also show my paintings occasionally and cook.

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Send inquires to bonesparkblog@yahoo.com. I am especially interested in small press publications, both poetry and fiction; poet-artists and work by people of color.

Also be sure to check the website frequently for current CALLS FOR WORK and GUEST BLOG opportunities. We’re listed on NewPages!

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just saw your link to “Why Poetry Can’t Find Its Public” while prepping Part Two of that very blog – which posts today. Oh the timing! Thanks for the mention, & for what you’re doing here — Looks great. Are you on twitter?

    • That’s a great photo on Part Two. LOL! I’ll link to it in the comments on the State of Poetry post. New at twitter. My account is @bonesparkblog. Followed you over there. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I want to thank you for the excellent comments you made about my short story, “An Inconclusive Girl” in Kansas City Voices vol.2. Is there any way I could persuade you to review my novel, OWL DREAMS. It is a literary Magic Realism piece publish by Pen-L Publishing. I can’t seem to find a reviewer of your reputation.

  3. Very nice site, you have a way with the written word and a good eye. I do also appreciate a review you wrote for the KC Voice.
    Ken Knieling

    • Hey Ken,

      Well, I am a fan of yours too. LOL. Following your site.

      Nice to have some fellow artists around and looking forward to more of your great work.

      Thanks for visiting.


  4. C.A. I linked to your Bonespark post about Native American Woman poets on Facebook. How wonderful. Thank you so much I loved the poem – “She Says” and will be adding books from your list to my wishlist. Thanks again. Janeen Rastall

  5. I’m not sure if you take part in such things, but I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog award, because I so enjoy the things you write (and write about). Don’t feel obliged to take part if you’re too busy at the moment, but if you do want to find out more, please see my latest blog post here.

  6. ha. I grew up just up the road from Hollins…behind the Pepsi Cola plant, like you are heading into Botetourt….

  7. Hey there. I just saw my book “As the Verb Tenses” featured on your blog and just wanted to say thank you.

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