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Welcome to DAY ELEVEN, Poets! BoneSparkblog has all the best prompts, poems and news from #NaPoWriMo/#NPM15 /#NationalPoetryMonth.


Best of the Prompts

Mslexia “Letters to and from Objects prompt”
Poetic Asides P-A-D “Seasonal Poems”
Apparatus Magazine’s “Ode to Vice or Deepest Desire”
30dpc “Love/Hate prompt”
Pink Ink Press’ “Childhood Friend or Foe prompt”
NaPoWriMo’s “Sapphics prompt
The Language Inside’s “Helper poems”
Writing Knights Roundtable’s “Chin Music (aka Gossip) poems”

Poems I Have Loved (Tweeters’ Shares)

Karen Cragio| “Inventory”
Ash Bowen| “Half Abecedarian Love Poem”
Adrienne Rich| “Fox” (w/ audio)
Kalani Bird Clarke| “water fall”
Denise Duhamel| “Old Love Poems” (w/ audio)
Mary Crow| “Black Running From the Faucet”
George Moore| “Quantum Teleportation” [scroll]


The Use of the Personal in Lyric Poetry
Maxine Hong Kingston: Lunch Poems