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lostletterscoverphotoFrom Maria Miranda Maloney:

The Lost Letters of Mileva ( Pandora Lobo Estepario, 2014)

prose poems in the voice of Albert Einstein’s first wife

==>Great interview about the collection on WORDS ON A WIRE podcast





From Ilyse Kusnetz:

Small Hours (Truman State, 2014)

a T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize winner, interweaving history and science into a tapestry of her own blood

==> Sample Poems here




From Pulitzer winner, Claudia Emerson:

The Opposite House (LSU Press, 2014)

the first of several posthumous collections from LSU Press, based around a line from Dickinson and full of mossy elegies and Virginia creeps

==>Title poem at Blackbird





No publication date yet, but some engrossing”teasers” for Helen Ivory‘s collection of collage/cut-up poems at Knives Forks and Spoons Press.  Find the goods at  AND OTHER POEMS and Helen’s Blog. 7076145

Coming this summer: Sara Henning’s Garden Effigies at dancing girl press. So far only this tweet to go on, but given the feast that was Sweeter Water and the quality of DGP pubs, it should be great.

Another release from a favorite press:

Hedy Habra’s Under Brush Strokes (Press 53) which is all about ART. yes! Already in love with the cover.



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