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Frederick Sandys (1829-1904)



One of my favorite finds from National Poetry Month is Negative Capability author Melissa Dickson’s  SweetAegis:Medusa Poems.  Enjoy Medusa’s Dilemma (and a bonus poem over on the Dead Mule blog. ) Here’s a link to an interview about the collection.






Alice Pike Barney, 1892

Alice Pike Barney, 1892




Louise Bogan’s darker Medusa is from Poetry’s archives.  The full collection  Body of this Death (1923) is available as a FREE download in several formats at archive.org. Find out more about Bogan’s life and career at Modern American Poetry.







Caravaggio, 1597


Carol Ann Duffy’s Medusa is part of The World’s Wife collection and is widely studied in Secondary Schools in the UK. A brief bio from the British Council.  Hear her speak on her fairytale/mythological characters in an hour-long Reflections Of The Poet Laureate lecture.









Slam poet Patricia Smith’s Medusa is even more dazzling in person.  Get your performance fix from this Hampshire Slam Collective video






Finger Tat by Bang Bang

Finger Tat by Bang Bang



The great Sylvia Plath reads her Medusa in a vintage video find. Astute listeners will note that the spoken version differs slightly from that in The Collected Poems.






***Have a Medusa poem of your own or admire that of another poet? Post in the comments for a chance to win a set of handmade bookmarks with fairytale/mythological themes.