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#NaPoWriMo/#NPM15 /#NationalPoetryMonth DAY FIVE prompts, poems and news all in one place. Dig in!!!

Best of the Prompts

ARTSPEAK #5: “Callot’s Cat Watching Caged Bird
Mslexia “Goblin Fruit prompt”
Poetic Asides P-A-D “Vegetable Poems”
Apparatus Magazine’s “Echo poems”
30dpc “Routine Ramblings”
Wild Violet “D is for Dimeter (forms)”
Po-Emotions “Disgust”
Miss Rumphius Effect’s “Jumping Into Form–Triolets w/ Jane Yolen”
The Language Inside’s “Introduction poems in the vein of Billy Collins”
Writing Knights Roundtable “Vestigial Word: Flitterwochen”
Younger Than That Now’s “Random Number prompt”
Pink Ink Press’ “Culinary Delights”
RT Diy MFA Brief Guide to Prose Poems &Postcard Prompt
RT OctPoWriMo 2014 Poetry Revolution prompt
National Museum of the American Indian picture prompt

Poems I Have Loved (Tweeters’ Shares)

Sierra Golden| “Tango”
Heid E. Erdrich| “Last Snow”
Traci Brimhall translated by Erika Meitner| “Refuge(e)
Jane Yeh| “The Robots” [Scroll down}
Jennifer Gresham| “Anatomy”
Corey Marks| “Dumb Luck”
Amorak Huey| “This is Not a Love Poem for April From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
Jose Angel Araguz| “Superhero”


Spotlight on US Hispanic Writers
After the Light bulb Moment: Titling Your Poem
How Yeats Turned ‘Easter 1916’ Into a Political Anthem
ROOM mag’s NPM (Can Women)Reading List