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DAY FOUR, peeps! The best of the best in prompts, poems and news from #NaPoWriMo/#NPM15 /#NationalPoetryMonth

Best of the Prompts

ARTSPEAK #4: “Courbet’s The Black Rocks of Troubille
Mslexia “Nightwriter prompt”
Poetic Asides P-A-D “Departure Poems”
Apparatus Magazine’s “27,7 Launch”
30dpc “Animal Instincts”
Wild Violet “C is for Character (POV)”
Po-Emotions “Anger”
Miss Rumphius Effect’s “Jumping Into Form–Décima w/ Margarita Engle”
The Language Inside’s “Routine poems in the vein of Li Young-Lee”
Floodmark Poetry’s “Ocean of Tranquility quote+painting”
Writing Knights Roundtable “Vestigial Word: Interfenestration”
Bullish Ink “Paint Chip Poetry”
John Hewitt’s Big Page of Prompts (Poewar)
50 Prompts from LitBridge

Poems I Have Loved (Tweeters’ Shares)

Brigit Pegeen Kelly| “Song”
Marianne Boruch| “Pencil”
Li Young-Lee| “Pillow”
Kerouac (read by Johnny Depp)| “Mad Road Driving”
Sandra Cisneros| “Cloud”
Ioanna-Veronika Warwick| “Third Language”
Aimee Nez||”Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia”
Kay Ryan| “Spiderweb”
Rickey Laurentiis| “Southern Gothic” (w/ audio)


Carney guests at EKA “Blood, Body, Breath and the Living Poem
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Poetry
Entropy Mag’s “Where to Submit April& May”
Necessary Utterance: Poetry as Cultural Force (Library of Congress video)
Lunch Poems: Gary Snyder (video)
Poems of American Identity: Readings and Discussions with Contemporary Poets