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Bringing you the best of DAY TWO prompts, poems and news #NaPoWriMo/#NPM15 /#NationalPoetryMonth

Best of the Prompts

ARTSPEAK #2: “Sewing Chair” (Picture prompt from the National Gallery of Art archives)
Mslexia “Coin Sense-idents”
Poetic Asides P-A-D “Secrets Prompt”
Poetry in Motion’s “Feeling Lucky”
Megan Falley’s “Stories from Your Childhood”
Apparatus Magazine’s “News Crawl”
Kris Bigalk’s “Peaceful Storm Metaphor”
Storybird “Magic”
30dpc “Dust off the Dictionary”
West Trestle Review “Personification Prompt”
Wild Violet “A is for Ars Poetica”
Drunk in a Midnight Choir “5 Words”
Po-Emotions “Fear”
Miss Rumphius Effect’s “Jumping Into Form-Renga”

Poems I Have Loved (Tweeters’ Shares)

Sherman Alexie| “How to Write the Great American Indian Novel”
Carol Ann Davis| “Easter Morning With Magic Markers”
Jessica Piazza| “Cafe Terrace at Night”
Wislawa Szymborska| “Metaphysics”
Thomas Sayers Ellis|”All Their Stanzas”


Tips to Make Every Word Count in Your Poem
Poetry Magazine Podcast: Cast Poems in the River and Tell Them You Remember”
Please Excuse This Poem’s “Poets as Teenagers” Series (Dorothea Lasky)
Tupelo Press 30/30 Project
Poetically Speaking: Terra Elan McVoy Talks Emily Dickinson
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