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If you have a sweet spot for the old pulp mags, poke your head in at The Pulp Project  for a whole slew of free reading material, including full-color downloads or browse-able issues of Mammoth Mystery, Weird Tales, Startling Stories & the Black Mask, to name just a few.

You’ll also find a tidy listing of pulp links in its vast Digital Archives Hub, with everything from scholarship to RPG’s to radio adaptations to forums thoroughly covered.  You’ll even find a few more sources of free downloads (some penny dreadfuls and comics sprinkled in).

And in case you want a more user friendly roundup of “New Pulp”publishers, (i.e. stories by modern writers that recreate the feel of the old style pubs), click on the Pulp.net link above. There’s a bit of a revival going on in the genre, as you will see.

While you’re out there browsing, hop on over to the very cool PULP-O-MIZER at the Thriling Tales website, which lets you create a customizable vintage style cover.

Also worth a read is this trio of articles up at io9.com titled,  Badass Women of the Pulp EraThe Weird Life of Pioneering Female Pulp Fiction Writer C.L. Moore & Space Babes in Danger: The Space Opera Pin-up Art of Megan Burns [Burns mini-gallery below]


You might enjoy these fun 60’s style Mars Attacks trading cards too, but expect to tweek before printing.  Sample image below:



And for the brave wanting to put pen to paper after all that fine reading, whip out this fillable Pulp Character Grid first.

~Until next time, a million thrills, subscribey-wibeys!!!! We’ve got more good stuff coming up, including Halloween reads & interviews with three Louisiana small presses.  STAY TUNED.