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Young Merlin (Colin Morgan) with Prince Arthur (Bradley James)

If Fall TV has disappointed, cast your gaze upon the BBC’s Merlin, available now at Hulu.com, free for the full five seasons.  Great scripts, gorgeous actors and all the beauty that the BBC brings in recreating the period, plus some very kicka$$ medieval chicks!



But don’t spend all of your time in front of the screen when there are more Modern Arthurian Legends to explore.  Dr. Debora B. Schwartz,

Associate Professor English Department, College of Liberal Arts · California Polytechnic State University recommends these texts:

The full reading schedule is available on her very detailed course page.  You’ll notice she’s sprinkled in viewings of several films, including The Sword in the Stone and Monty Python’s Holy Grail.  images.duckduckgo.com


And if you are dying for something more authentic, consider working through her


Medieval Arthurian Legends syllabus, which looks at the older texts such as Chrétien de Troyes’ Arthurian Romances, or the Medieval Literature course, which adds in the writings of the Gawain-Poet (try the Tolkien version) and other classics.  There are extensive links to background resources at both sites.


If you visit none of the others, do click through:



And do not close the door on all things Arthurian until you’ve read all of Bernard Cromwell’s thrilling Warlord series.




====> BUT WAIT!  If it’s more Merlin you want, try these enchanted reads:


Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy
M.K. Hume’s Merlin series
Steve Lawhead’s Merlin (Part of the Pendragon Cycle)
T.A. Barron’s Lost Years of Merlin Series (YA)
Priya Ardis’ My Merlin series (YA)
Jane Yolen’s Young Merlin series (YA)