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A Piece of the Pie--C.A. LaRue

“A Piece of the Pie” Collage by C.A. LaRue


The image above is a pared-down version of a collage that I created for a “Women and Food” issue for a UK magazine.  Women, especially it seems, have a complicated relationship with food. Much of our self-image is inextricably tied to it, and beyond that, our concepts of family and home.

Recently, I was moved by New Orleans “native,” Kim Sunee‘s writing on the subject.  Both her diary/cookbook Mouthful of Stars and Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home  bring up much deeper issues of identity and love. In Mouthful (channeling that other great food writer M.F.K. Fisher), she says

So, in many ways, food is never just about food, is it? Lunch is never just lunch. And supper is more than the sum of its parts.  And so, as we travel and cook and share the gifts of the table, we are also wondering, imagining, answering and asking questions of ourselves and of one another.

Regardless of gender, this week I would like you to take a closer look at your own attitudes towards and issues with food and to respond in the form of a poem. This poem can be tied to the collage above or go off in its own foodist direction. Go with your instincts here.

Either way, those who submit poems (no more than two) will have a chance at a space in the virtual arm of the JAMBALAYA POETS WORKSHOP starting September 17 and running through April 22.

Participants in the group will meet two Wednesdays per month (with the exception of December), and along with its virtual arm, will discuss contemporary poetry and work through much of the exercises in Diane Lockward’s fantabulous The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop In addition to these exercises, there will be some light journaling and podcasting opportunities.

Diane has graciously agreed to make herself available at some point during the workshop with details to be provided at a later date. We are also awaiting word from a local sponsor for help with the purchase of materials for those participating from the local community.

Details of the virtual “hookup” will be provided by the local community college prior to the September meeting.  Both local and virtual participants will have access to forums and email exchange, and there is a big surprise on for the wrap-up in April (National Poetry Month).

As for the “Milking Your Food” Mini-Contest, those looking for inspiration beyond the photo prompt above should consult the poetry sections of the journals listed in Becky Tuch’s article Yummy! Lit Mags Seeking Food& Drink Writing and/or the Food Memoir list at The Literary Foodie website.

And as always, poets with collections or chapbooks who would like some free exposure should submit details to bonesparkblog@yahoo.com for possible inclusion in the next 2sDay Poems feature.

Ok, people, don’t just sit there staring at my pie, get on with the writing already!!! You are going to want a spot in this group.