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  imagesCongratulations you survived Monday!!!

Now pull up a stool and knock back some fire-hot Poetry Shots with your pals here at BoneSpark.

We’ll be bringing you two live specimens each week with a brand new feature called 2sDay Poems:


First up is Donna Lewis Cowan with work from her collection Between Gods (Cherry Grove, 2012)

Cleaning Lincoln Logs

The impossible task:
making our leftovers
clean enough for a daughter.

In my hands the dustbook-cover
patterns like animal tracks,
crosses the abbreviated grooves
worn away by over-love,

the stress of building
and knocking down the structure
too easily, too often.

You empty the scratches
where you etched
letters, initials –

before you knew
how the world
could whittle away
each masterpiece.

Drying in the sun,
they are………………



And next up is a video reading of Jillian Weise‘s “Incision” from The Amputee’s Guide to Sex


For info on Jillian’s latest collection, The Book of Goodbyes (BOA), check out this interview at Identity Theory.

And remember to come back next week for more 2sDay Poems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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