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Since my art and writing life are merging lately, I’m carrying that over with my own take on the Poem-A-Day challenge.   First, I start with a “dump file” of images (some online, some scanned) that I pick through to find some interesting combination.  Then, I use whatever art I create from that exercise as a writing prompt.  Here’s today’s product:


One day
my heart grew
wings like a pterodactyl’s
& burst from the
cage inside my
chest. It roamed far—
feeding on the
dust of stars &
the sheen of planets
like some solar
butterfly. When I had
the sense to
call it back, it could
not believe
the enormity of the
cavity it had
left. Tacked it down
with superglue
this time. Hope it doesn’t
wander off.

—–C.A. LaRue