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anyothernameAmerica’s favorite cowboy proves he’s still got it in the latest installment of the Walt Longmire mystery series releasing in May. Thanks to old pain pal Lucian Connally, Sheriff “Long-arm” finds himself mixed up in a suicide investigation that quickly turns into something else.

Besides the stress of unofficially working outside his county and the tensions unearthed by Lucian’s presence in the troubled small town, Walt is wrestling with a promise he made to daughter Cady about being there for his grandchild’s birth.

Of course, loyal sidekicks Victoria “Vic” Moretti and Henry Standing Bear figure into the chaos, but they make their appearance much later in the narrative, giving us time to explore the mind of the man a bit more than in earlier books.

This is not to say that Any Other Name is bogged down in internal dialogue. Far from it. It is action-packed and loaded with cinematic moments like Walt’s little dance with a pissed-off buffalo in the state park. Not to mention the nail-biter ending!cjohnson

But we won’t go into spoiler territory. Let me just say that you want to pre-order this one. The dialogue is expert and the plot gripping. Reserve your copy today. Craig Johnson never disappoints!

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*This review appears in another form on Penguin’s First to Read site.