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imagesThat’s right! I said it. No more sitting around staring at a blank page.  If you really want to get up the juice to write again, you’ve got to work out that brain. And no, we’re not talking Mensa puzzles or Sudoku, all you smart asses. But nice try.

The cure-all for writer’s block actually requires a crayon and the fun exercises below:

crayon-drawingSo grab your favorite color and WRITE!

Snapshot–To do this one, you’ll need pics of people engaged in interesting things.  Look in old magazines, on the internet or snap some candid shots with your phone. Then for each scene, write a giant “I” on your sheet with the crayon and roll out the details as if you were involved.  You can switch to pen/pencil after the first sentence.  Do a couple of these and then try to combine.

Repeat in second or third person.

Objectify–similar to snapshot, only played with pictures of objects. For example, a shot of a muddy bootprint in a bathtub or an iron cooking pot full of bones.  Write the name of the object in crayon under its picture and then write at least two sentences about its past or future.

Bonus points for linking it to the people you wrote about in snapshot.

Remnants of plot–Take the major plot points of the last movie you saw and spin your own version with objects and people woven in from the snapshot and objectify exercises.  All names of people and objects should be rendered only in crayon.

Extra points for making two of the plot points polar opposites of the originals.

Crayon HeartLove letters–Write a short love note (entirely in crayon) from a politician or priest to a famous literary character.

Extra points for saucy character choices.

Now try a TV character writing to a book character.

Headlines–Pluck a headline from a foreign newspaper (see http://www.world-newspapers.com) and tell your own story. Headline must be written in crayon.

More points for shorter picks.  For example, Flirting in Deutsch from the Munich Times earns you more than Box of 1930’s Letters Washes up in Canal from one of the Highland papers.

If yHappy Writerou get going on something good, don’t stop, but don’t abandon the crayon altogether either.  Switching back and forth between writing mediums helps to keep both sides of your brain fired up.

Try a few everyday to keep the ideas churning, and you’ll never be stuck for a writing topic again.


Enjoy, all you scribblers!!!  I’ve got more good stuff coming your way soon….