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leonardoI’ve never been one to advocate the separation of the sciences from the arts. Da Vinci made great strides in both precisely because he did not limit himself to the study of either one.

William Carlos Williams was another such Renaissance man. He managed to write his great volume of poetry while still maintaining an active physician’s practice. Hard to fathom, but true.

Many contemporary poets have emerged with roots in the big, wide world of science. Here are a dozen “sciency” collections that I would recommend:

 [Click on the poet’s name to go to their bio/webpage]

animal eye1. Animal Eye by Paisley Rekdal

corpus2. Corpus by Michael Symmons Roberts

diaryofacell3. Diary of a Cell by Jennifer Gresham


4. The Elephant Tests by Matthew Merritt

lighatandcarbon5. On Light and Carbon by Noel Duffy

mutability6. Of Mutability by Jo Shapcott

nightphotograph7. Night Photograph by Lavinia Greenlaw

radialsymmetry8. Radial Symmetry by Katherine Larson

scienceandother9. Science and Other Poems by Alison Hawthorne Deming

somecitrus10. Some Citrus Makes Me Blue by Megan Fernandes

spanishfly11. Spanish Fly by Neil Rollinson

toxic flora12. Toxic Flora by Kikimo Hahn

Please add to the list by leaving your own recommendations in the comments.  Thanks and enjoy!