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fairytalecastleThere’s an old Jewish folk saying that counsels one not to ask questions of fairy tales. Tolkien was of a similar opinion.

On the other hand, Terri Windling, in the introduction to Snow White, Blood Red, tells us that “the fairy tale journey may look like an outward trek across plains and mountains, through castles and forests, but the actual movement is inward, into the lands of the soul.”

It is perhaps a bit of both questioning and not questioning that makes the genre so enchanting and durable.  Modern writers continue to add to the pool of story. And poets, in specific, seem to favor the form.

jomaFor a sampling of such fairy tale-themed poetry, visit The Journal of Mythic Arts Besides poems by such names as Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood, they have a helpful reading list (with links to the actual collections) in the right sidebar.

snowwhiteAnd for some beauties from Anne Sexton’s Transformations collection go to AllPoetry [you have to click through to the others in the bottom right sidebar]. Also check out her often-taught Snow White poem.

Then read Plath’s Cinderella, and Fairy Tale Logic by A.E. Stallings. You might like Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill’s The Mermaid in the Hospital as well.

goblinfruitheaderThen there is the MUST-READ, always lovely, Goblin Fruit, an online magazine with much to offer. [I gave you a few of the more “wicked” poems from their archives in the Halloween post].

roseredYou’ll also want to visit Rose Red Review (the sideways girl for is their logo). Some of the ladies from the Women’s Poetry List-Serv have been published here, including Diane Lockward, who just came out with The Crafty Poet, which you absolutely want a copy of. Buy a few, give as a gift.

Other magazines with fairy tale poetry include: The Fairy Tale ReviewUnsettling Wonder, Enchanted Conversation, and New Fairy Tales.

For fairy tale chapbooks, check out Papaveria and Deathless Press.  And if you’re on twitter, be sure to follow @SurLaLuneHeidi and @FairytalePapers for good feeds about the genre.