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Some of you out there are snobs. Come on admit it. You wouldn’t be caught dead reading anything genre, much less reading one of those writer’s blogs.

Well, not only are you missing out on some really good books, but also on some of the best writing advice around.

Here’s my list of must-visit authors:


Ninie (9e) Hammon

9eon_the_page_17**Fav post: Unforgettable Characters: The Tell**

L.B. Gale

lbgale**Fav Post: Writing Chapters Like a Symphony**

Janice Hardy

Janice Hardy RGB 72**Fav Post: Plotting with Michael Hague’s Six Stage Plot Structure**

Jordan McCollum

jordanmc**Fav Post: Deep POV Series**

Kaye Dacus
kayedacus**Fav Post: Ending a Series Novel**

Darcy Pattison

DarcyPattison250x250-150**Fav Post: 30 Days to Stronger Scenes**

Have a favorite writing site? Post your suggestions below. I love hearing from you.