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lantern-press-dia-de-los-muertos-marionettes-new-orleans-louisianaWhile you may not think of Louisiana as a hub of Latin American culture, with over a 1/3 of our population now made up of peoples of Hispanic ethnicity (mostly of Mexican and Central American origin), we are certainly moving towards it.

And with this weekend (Nov. 1-2) marking the annual celebration of El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), it’s a blur of food, music and parties around here.

[If you’re not familiar with the holiday and need an intro to its traditions, read up on them here and here.]

Here in the city (New Orleans), there’s a parade (isn’t there always?) that is a rich showcase of beautifully painted faces and intricate costumes. It’s an absolute scream!

See? I was trying to be funny there. But, seriously! It’s a must-do if you are ever in our neck of the woods this time of year. If not, chances are your city (or at least a part of it) holds festivities too.  Ask around.

And then settle in with a good book.  I’ve put together an essential reading list of:

 Latin American Writers You Won’t Want to Miss!

Go on and indulge. It’s a party after all!

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