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Book Riot tweeted I like big books and I cannot lie on Sunday with a link to the Guardian article about the comeback of the ultra-long novel.

I for one like a really long read, especially when the nights start to turn cold. So, today I’m sharing my short-list of oldies but goodies for you to enjoy:


in the eye of the sunIn the Eye of the Sun

The engaging story of an Egyptian woman’s joys and sorrows as an Arab woman, first in privileged Cairo and then in London. Beautifully executed and even more moving in light of what is going on in Egypt today.  You must pick this one up. (816 pgs)


The Thorn BirdsThe Thorn Birds

Stop picturing the mini-series from the 80’s for a second and dig into this book. It is more than just the story of a notorious love affair involving a priest.  McCullough has a real gift for description and a deep love for Australia that shows in this book. (692 pgs)


The Witching HourThe Witching Hour

A wicked tale from New Orleans native Anne Rice. This one often gets overshadowed by her vampire novels, but it is definitely one to check out.  It chronicles the lives of a very strange family of witches. Twisted and so Anne. (1056 pgs)


Beach MusicBeach Music

This one is a real tear-jerker. Fair warning. The protagonist is tortured, the story is heartbreaking and it’s set in the low country of South Carolina (well, mostly). You will also spend a good bit of time wandering around Rome and thinking about the impact of war on American life. (800 pgs)



I’ve mentioned this series before, but Diana Gabaldon is just such a fabulous writer and I love all of her stuff!  This is the first book in the time-traveling series. The 8th one is due out in March. Plenty of time for you to catch up. Hurry! Mini-series coming on STARZ.  (850 pgs)


And finally, here’s a blog post about a different kind of big book.  They’re benches made in the shape of (or out of) books. Cool! Of course, now I have to talk to the city about getting some of those and also a poetry park. We need one. Really. Really.