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ltbpoolI am heavy into revisions this weekend, but I didn’t want to leave you guys without some good poetry to chew on.  Enjoy the shower of animals!





Each Happiness Ringed by Lions

Lions’s Breath




Lucky the Man Who Has a Tiger [towards the bottom]




Bear-God Dialogues [sorry, must click through the Amazon preview. WORTH IT!]ltb2

The Bear

Shapeshift [at the bottom]


And in the vein of the last poem, Art Inspired by Animal-Human Transformation Myths. Love Endicott Studios!!!

Also check out the Bestiary Issue of A Capella Zoo. Excellent cover art as always.  More butterflies.

And if you’re looking for real beasts, please hop on over to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary (who provided the images for this post) and consider making a donation. They need the support.