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AudreyNSomehow I missed the piece in the Washington Post, but I caught up with Audrey Niffenegger’s latest project with the help of an article from the Summer Issue of the Virginia Quarterly Review.

In fact, it was over on twitter (which I am slowly learning to navigate) that I ran across it. If you tweet, you can find me @bonesparkblog.

I had no idea that Ms. Niffenegger of Time-Traveler’s Wife fame was such a damn-good artist.  Check out that piece with the butterflies. I mean moths. It’s called Moths of the New World and is available to view in the gallery up at the Huffington Post.

Wow! I am also fond of Pam and ZuZu which is the last painting in the VQR piece. Breathtaking! And kind of trippy!  I LOVE it!

Her artwork is so unique and surprising.  And now that I have read the article, I can see why she ended up with the super-successful Time-Traveler’s Wife.  Re-read the part where she talks about color and how a painting/drawing should tell a story.  Now think about the way that she “paints” pictures in the TTW book.

I am convinced that she is a VSL (Visual Spatial Learner).  VSL’s are kind of a soap box topic for me and are known for their love of non-linear thinking.  Think about how she handles the non-linear chronology of TTW. I remember being blown-away by how well she executed this complicated technique.  In fact, I recommend the book as a study of craft. See this post for more on that subject.

It wasn’t just how she handled the structure, but how absolutely unlike anything else that was out there at the time.  Knowing now how she thinks, I can see why she chose to handle it this way.  I think I’ll dig that book out again.

And I think I’ll go harass my local library, so that they will bring in the Awake in the Dream World art book. What a fitting title! And notice the cover.  I want that book if just for that moth painting.

And now for a couple of odds and ends before I sign off.  If you participated in the Poetry Lab on epistolary/letter-themed poems Part One or Part Two, The Liner Mag is looking for your work. Also, if you liked the system suggested in Pop Out a Poem, think about trying the 3Elements Review. They are a new market, but look promising.  I might give them a try.

Also, on the topic of new markets. I ran across this one: Isthmus Review which is a start-up mag run out of the Pacific NW (shout-out to all the Alaska relatives). It’s founded by the former Managing Editor of Third Coast. So, definitely one to watch.

And that’s all for today.  Have a great one!