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So, I’m a big fan of Margo Roby’s Wordgathering blog and her Poem Tryout for today was all about color. And since I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic myself:

1) because I’m highly anticipating Aimee Bender’s new collection of short stories, The Color Master and 2) because I just put together a collection of my own art for Belle Journal [will link to the gallery when it’s up],

I have decided to give you a selection of poems and paintings to complement Margo’s post.

First a sampling of some contemporary art:

1Delia Parvu-Profile on red 2Fire_Horses.by Maria Spencer 3William Sitting Bull

Profile on Red by Delia Parvu

Fire Horses by Maria Spencer

Image #29 by William Sitting Bull


Large White Flowers in Vase by Susanna Shap

imagewsb flirting with a violin

Image #32 by William Sitting Bull

Flirting with a violin by Anna Razumovskaya

And now the poems:

Ode to Wine by Pablo Neruda

Colors Passing Through Us by Marge Piercy

The Summer He Left by Diane Lockward  [You have to scroll]

Tulips by Sylvia Plath

White on White by Ruth Stone   [Ignore the nasty comment. Someone please send me a better link if you can find it.]

Separation by W.S. Merwin

Coal by Audre Lord

And that should be enough to get you going for now.  I’m sure I’ve left some really good poems out. If you have one, please post in the comments.