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Bag of tricksSharpies, Gellies, and Gesso. Oh my!

If you want to rev up your writing, then whip out those art pens and kick that right-brain into gear. Notebooks you’ve done before, but journals like this you’ve never seen.

I’m talking art journals, mixed media, as in go download the Dick Blick catalog and sign up for Etsy.

But wait, you say that you can’t even draw. Who needs to when you’ve got scissors and stickers and stencils.  Can you say collage? Or try some of these free-form animals.

And of course, you want to see samples, so head on over: here, here or here. Cool, huh?

And if you’re still stumped, try a starter kit from illustrator Rebecca Horwood. All of her kits are unique, and they come with the notebook, as well as various “paper ephemera” to play with. Love these!

You should also go raid your local dollar store. Fill a basket with cards, coloring books, stickers, magazines, anything that catches your eye.

Just don’t get so wound up in artland that you forget about incorporating the writing part. You will need Listography and Personal Geographies. These books will help you to mine personal experiences through mapping techniques. The right-brain and left-brain coordinated is what we are aiming for here, after all.

I see nuggets of poems, ideas for novels. I see the floodgates of creativity bursting wide open.  And please feel free to post copies of your masterpieces in the comments.

Look forward to seeing them.